Carlos Mancheno: Service Manager

Where did you go to college/school?

New York City College of Technology CUNY

What was your first job in hospitality?

Room service for Kimberly hotel in midtown

What was your last job before Whitfood?

Bartender / Captain / Supervisor Oiji, NYC

Where did you grow up?

Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC

What’s your favorite childhood memory of food?

Eating my great aunts food. 

What’s your favorite thing to cook on your days off?

I do enjoy cooking a good steak. 

Where’s the next place you want to travel?

Mexico and Thailand!

If you weren’t working in restaurants, what would you be doing?

Probably teaching hospitality or working in sales for a food and beverage company. 

Fiction or nonfiction?


Cats or Dogs? Chocolate or Vanilla?

Dogs allergic to cats. Chocolate!