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Vermont Creamery - Websterville, Vermont

A dense, chalky bell of goats’ milk cheese enveloped in a wrinkly rind. The flavor is bright and clean, with a crème fraiche tang that makes it an ideal match for bubbly. It is called ‘Coupole’ because of its dome-shape, which evokes the cupolas on churches and cathedrals in Europe. The dome shape is unique to this cheese… VBC had the molds custom-fabricated in France. The goats’ milk used for Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery is collected from a network of 20 family farms across the state, and is unrivalled in quality and freshness. The cheeses are hand-molded and aged for 6 to 8 weeks.


Cheese Stats

Milk Type: goat

Milk Treatment: pasteurized

Rennet: vegetarian

Style: bloomy rind

Texture: soft

Age: 6-8 weeks

Size: 7oz wheel



Landmark Creamery - Albany, Wisconsin

Anabasque is a riff on the traditional sheep’s milk cheeses of the Pyrenees. It was the first cheese made by Landmark Creamery, and is still their most popular and award-winning cheese. The texture is semi-firm, smooth, and creamy, and the paste tastes of sweet cream, grass, tangy yogurt, and tart cherries. The wheels are washed as they age, giving the rind a tawny glow and imparting just a touch of funk to the finished cheese.


Cheese Stats

Milk Type: sheep

Milk Treatment: pasteurized

Rennet: animal

Style: washed rind / natural rind

Texture: semi-firm

Age: 5-9 months

Size: 10lb wheel



Middlebury Blue

Blue Ledge Farm - Salisbury, Vermont

Described by the farmer as ‘town meets gown’, which refers to the unique social ecosystem that surrounds the quaint, beautiful town of Middlebury, Vermont. A little bit refined (i.e. the polished academic side of Middlebury College) and a little bit crusty Vermont (the down home surrounding countryside) Middlebury Blue is made from the milk of Ayrshire cows who reside close to Blue Ledge at the Crawford Family Farm and is aged for 60 days or longer. The paste breaks down near the rind, resulting in a creamy layer of sweet barnyard goodness, and stays a bit firmer in the center, allowing for some bright acidic notes to contradict the more mellow, milky exterior.

Cheese Stats

Milk Type: cow

Milk Treatment: raw

Rennet: animal

Style: blue

Texture: semi-firm

Age: 2 months or more

Size: 6lb wheel