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Valentine’s Day Menu Descriptions

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Vermont Creamery - Websterville, Vermont

A dense, chalky bell of goats’ milk cheese enveloped in a wrinkly rind. The flavor is bright and clean, with a crème fraiche tang that makes it an ideal match for bubbly. It is called ‘Coupole’ because of its dome-shape, which evokes the cupolas on churches and cathedrals in Europe. The dome shape is unique to this cheese… VBC had the molds custom-fabricated in France. The goats’ milk used for Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery is collected from a network of 20 family farms across the state, and is unrivalled in quality and freshness. The cheeses are hand-molded and aged for 6 to 8 weeks.


Cheese Stats

Milk Type: goat
Milk Treatment: pasteurized
Rennet: vegetarian
Style: bloomy rind
Texture: soft
Age: 6-8 weeks
Size: 7oz wheel


Invierno - Two Year Aged

Vermont Shepherd - Westminster, VT

 Queso del Invierno translates to 'Winter Cheese' as it is made to age and ripen during Vermont's long winter months. Sheep are very seasonal in their milk production, and are usually milked for just 5-6 months of the year. Traditionally, Vermont Shepherd made pure sheeps' milk cheese from April through October, and would sell through its inventory long before the new season's batch was ready. A few years back, Invierno, a mixed milk cheese made from cow & sheeps' milk was born, and has given us all a reason to celebrate winter! The texture is smooth and firm, and the flavor is bright and nutty with a hint of pleasantly sour citrus. Please note that all cheeses are cut to order in half pound increments, meaning that there will be a slight variance in weight. Rest assured you'll never receive less than the quantity you order, but you might score a little bit more!

This special reserve Invierno is cave aged for over two years to eke even more flavor from the delicious cow and sheeps’ milk used to make it. The texture is dense and firm, not unlike Parmigiano Reggiano, and is studded with crystalline clusters of protein. The cheese is bold, brash, nutty, and fruity with hints of oxidization like you’d find in aged sherry. The finish is salty with a touch of barnyard. All in all the extra aged Invierno packs a delightful wallop that tickles the tastebuds. Aged for a minimum of 24 months.

Cheese Stats
Milk Type: sheep and cow
Milk Treatment: raw
Rennet: vegetarian
Style: natural rind
Texture: semi-firm
Age: 5-7 months
Size: 6lb wheel


Bayley Hazen Blue

Jasper Hill Creamery – Greensboro ,VT

 Bayley Hazen Blue was one of the first cheeses made at the Jasper Hill Creamery. The recipe is based on a British natural rind blue. This signature blue cheese has a loyal following due to its fudge-like texture, toasted-nut sweetness, and anise spice flavor. The usual peppery character of blue cheese is subdued, elevating the grassy, nutty flavors of the milk. While blue lovers greatly enjoy, the is a very approachable to a more timid audience.

Cheese Stats

Milk Type: Cow
Milk Treatment: Raw
Rennet: Traditional Rennet
Style: Natural Rind Blue
Texture: fudge-like texture
Age: 3 months
Size: 7-pound wheel