Volcanic Soil articles, etc.

We talked in lineup today about the complexity and occasional contradictions that arise when you start to study soils and their connection to discernible tasting notes in wine. While there are a couple very basic concepts that everyone tends to agree upon, there is a tremendous amount of debate about how soils function in relation to vines and what the connection is between the composition of soils and the wine that is grown in those soils.

Below are a couple resources that illustrate that complexity very well. This is not material that is meant for everyone; this is extra information for those of you who are interested in really diving in to this. Know that this is a very dense, difficult topic. Don't be discouraged if the information seems contradictory at times, and remember that embracing complexity and asking questions is the best way to find some understanding of these concepts. I hope that, after reading these articles and listening to the podcast, you will come out with even more questions and a deeper curiosity than you had before.

-Here is an article on volcanic soils

-This is an amazing podcast on everything "minerality"

-The best article I've come across on the topic of vineyard soils. It can be a slog at times, proceed with caution.

-It's a little off-topic, but this is an article that features a couple great Sicilian winemakers, and it talks a bit about the effects of the soil on the wine.